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Equestrian Sports are among the sports practiced at university level at many prestigious universities around the world, including Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Yale – and now at Bocconi too!


Polo  is  certainly  one  of  the  representative  sports  of  this new  Sports  Section  and  Bocconi Sport  Team  is pleased to  include  it  among  the  activities  organized for Bocconi students.

Do you  like  Polo?  Did  you  practice  it  in  high  school?  Do  you  want to  approach  it  for the  first  time? 

Thanks  to  the  affiliation  with  the Italian  Equestrian  Sports  Federation  (FISE),  there  are  many  advantages  for students  who  wish to  learn, practice  and  play  Polo. To  join  the  group,  or  simply  to  get  more  information  about  the  activities  dedicated to  the  students,  you  can write  to  the  Polo  Captain  and  Head  of  the  Polo  Section  Lukas  Fred Ljungstrom  at  the email  address


The  staff  of  the  Equestrian  Sports  -  Polo  Section  is  entirely  made  up  of  students  and  alumni from  Bocconi University:

  • Polo  Manager:  Stefano  Olgiati
  • Polo Committee:  Alessandro  Danovi,  Maurizio  Cohen, Stefano  Olgiati, Felipe  Merry  Del Val, Ginevra Visconti