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Rugby Field

Rugby Field

A unique facility in the city, located within the Idroscalo Park, it has a synthetic rugby field and 2 five-a-side synthetic soccer fields.


Sport Center G.B. Curioni

The structure, which is one-of-a-kind in the city, is located in the Idroscalo park and includes:

  • A synthetic rugby field
  • 2 five-a-side synthetic soccer fields
  • Covered multipurpose gym
  • Weight room
  • 7 changing rooms
  • Infirmary
  • Tensile structure for after-match parties, recreational activities and presentations in a covered area
  • Meeting room and offices
  • Merchandising shop
  • The “La Bislunga” club house with restaurant

Sport praticabili

Servizi disponibili all’interno della struttura

Changing Room
Bar and Restaurant



Segrate – via Circonvallazione  Idroscalo 51

Opening hours
Monday 10AM-20PM
Tuesday 10AM-20PM
Wensday 10AM-20PM
Thursday 10AM-20PM
Friday 10AM-20PM
Saturday 9:30AM-4PM
Sunday 10AM-19PM