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Bocconi Sport Membership

Last updated: 17 February 2022
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Join Us!

If you want to participate in the sports activities organized by Bocconi Sport, you have to purchase a membership for the 2021/2022 season (valid from July 1st to June 30th of the following year).

Registration procedure:

  • online registration: for the Bocconi Community (students, faculty members, alumni, staff) access with your university credentials
  • online fee payment: after logging in to the site, it is necessary to pay the membership fee in the area Shopping > Membership Fee > Student Membership Fee (only for students) or the Community Membership Fee (for all other members of the Bocconi Community)
  • medical certificate: a valid medical certificate must be presented to participate in the sports activities. Pursuant to the new regulations concerning medical certificates for non-competitive sports, in order to register, a valid medical certificate that demonstrates that the ECG is within the norm must be presented that is suitable for non-competitive sports, either by presenting the original certificate or sending it by fax. No certificates will be accepted that are different than those accepted pursuant to law or with wording that differs from what is accepted by law (suitable for non-competitive sports). The certificate must be prepared in Italian. Everyone who has registered with Bocconi Sport can schedule their non-competitive sports physical directly at the Bocconi Sport Center, making an appointment via the link found in the yoU@B calender in the dedicated “Bocconi Sport” widget, after purchasing membership


The Bocconi Sport card provides access to:

  • reduced rates for services offered by our partners Virgin Active (fitness area), Aquamore (pool area) and our spaces at the Team Sports Arena (view the fees)
  • events, tournaments, discounts and exclusive partnerships
  • accident insurance and a CUS Milano green card (for students only)