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The Golf project, coordinated by Dino Ruta - SDA Bocconi Associate Professor in Management Practice and former director of Bocconi Sport Team SSD, develops in the wonderful Castello Tolcinasco Golf Club which, from this year, is the new headquarters for our community.

It is characterized by the idea of identifying inTolcinasco the reference point for all our golf activities, both from the sporting and social point of view: meeting place, training and game for both students and alumni, with different proposals for activities.

Pro Team:

Mixed team of 8 members who train and participate in national and international golf tournaments, in the university and not.

The training is held once a week (Friday afternoon), from the end of September to June, with the constant presence of Maestro Andrea Vercesi (Maetsro PGAI) on the field.

The composition of the Team is carried out by BST taking into account for each player/player the Handicap, the availability to be present at the training-activities organized by BST and the placement at the opening race of the season (kick-off tournament)

Social Team:

Mixed team of 10 members who train and perform networking activities between students and alumni.

The composition of the team is carried out by BST based on the availability of players-students to carry out activities of training and engagement in the Bocconi community, and also based on their game handicap.

Training takes place once a week (Friday afternoon), from the end of September to June, in conjunction with the training of the Pro Team

Community Bocconi:

In order to bring the Bocconi community closer to golf and to create opportunities for exchange between students and alumni, there are several appointments during the year

Special conventions:

There are several benefits; in fact, the Golf Club of Tolcinasco offers conventions for students and alumni under 35 on the annual fee of the Club, equal to 20%.

The fee shall comprise:

  • access to all golf courses (3 courses - 9 holes championship, 1 course - 9 holes executive)
  • practice field (separate token balls)
  • bag room for folding trolley
  • pool
  • gym
  • spa

The enchanting location is located in Pieve Emanuele, reachable by car in a short time from the University