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Take advantage of the new basketball offer, by trying out for our men's or women's competitive teams or participating in intramural events and tournaments open to the entire student community.


The opening of the new Bocconi Sport Center and the launch of the Bocconi Sport Athletes support the program are two milestones that will deeply improve our basketball project, based on the inclusivity of all our Bocconi Community (UB and SDA students, alumni, teachers and staff). 

The new basketball project is structured with

  • a first male team
  • a first female team
  • a second male team
  • various intramural activity, such as "pick-up games" and internal tournaments. 

The basketball coaching staff is improved to deal with the activity of the different teams in an integrated and synergistic way and it includes 5 coaches, Marco Moretti, Luigi Paduano, Luigi Iovino, Carlo Favero and Ernesto Faggioli,  the athletic trainers Max Sangiovanni and Clara De Nicolò, the physical trainer Andrea Sambruni and the doctor Massimiliamo Barbieri.  

The first men's team participates in Serie C Gold FIP championship and it is made by a mix of more experienced students and alumni that guide and support the new young and promising freshmen that are part of the roster. 

The second team participates in the UISP Diamond Championship, the highest level of the UISP league and it a perfect mix between Italian and international student-athletes, while the women’s team restarts from a solid core of students and graduates that are reinforced by new young players. 

In addition, the intra-mural activities will be one of the biggest news of our activities and they will consist on free basketball games, open to all the members of the Bocconi Sport Team, with courts regularly available every week, and in the dedicated events that will take place in the weekends during the year. 

The home games of our teams will be an opportunity to meet at the Bocconi Sport Center!