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Bocconi Sport Center and Adidas Runners Milano again together to double the offer to the Bocconi Sport Members with the “Bocconi Run”, a training run thought for any level, from beginner to advanced. 

Dedicated to all the Bocconi students and community, the run offers Easy Run and Tempo Run, with the aim to improve your performance as a Runner. The Run will take place on Wednsday (7.30 pm).

When is the meeting? 

  • On Wednesday 7.30pm 

Where is it? 

The meeting point for runs is at bar Venti136, in Via Röntgen 2, where it will also be possible to leave bags. 

You can use the Team Sport Arena changing rooms at the Bocconi Sport Center, only if your registration has been made with your Bocconi official mail. 


How do I sign up for runs? 

  • Download the adidas Running app - Go to "Community > adidas Runners Milano

  • Enter "See upcoming events" 

  • Register every week for the events "Bocconi Run"  

  • Come to the meeting point and run with us! 

The event is free with limited slots and the registration is mandatory. If it is your first training, please, be there 15 minutes before the start. 

There is also a big news for our Community: after the 5th training with us, you will receive a special T-shirt! 


For any doubts or necessities, feel free to contact us via mail at