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From July 3rd to July 14th, it took place at our University the Summer School dedicated to university and high school students from all over the world. During these days, many sports activities were organized at the Bocconi Sport Center. 

In the open gym days, the participants had the opportunity to use the basketball and volleyball court and the foosball and ping-pong tables. The participation was exceptional and the enthusiasm of the students that crowded the Bocconi Sport Arena was great! 

For the basketball and volleyball lovers, two masterclasses were organized to improve the technical skills and/or to approach these sports for the first time. The masterclass were led by the members and the staff of our Varsity teams, so to share their knowledge, abilities and their sense of belonging to the Bocconi Sport world.  

To memorably conclude these days of sport and study, Intramural Tournaments of volleyball, basketball, and ping-pong were organized. The students involved, challening each other to win the great prices offered by Adidas, our partner and exclusive sponsor of the event, were more than 100. The atmosphere was fun and engaging!