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The first historic match between Bocconi Sport and the Politecnico took place on Sunday 25th February, giving a beautiful afternoon of sport and entertainment to the many spectators who came at the Bocconi Sport Center. The atmosphere was challenging right from the start, the teams from both universities competed without sparing any blows, always with mutual respect. The event was organized in collaboration with Adidas.

Competing for Bocconi Sport were the winning teams of the Intramural Fall Cup in volleyball, 3x3 basketball and 5-a-side football, while for Politecnico, the winners of the POLIMI League. Politecnico won the first challenge in volleyball with a score of 2-1. Indeed, 3x3 basketball team of Bocconi had a clear victory with a score of 21-9, more than 1' before the end of regular time. Finally, 5-a-side football offered a very exciting challenge, both teams challenged each other head-on, and the match was fought until the last second. The Bocconi team prevailed, winning 4-3.

Our Cheerleading team performed among the various challenges, while, during the 5-a-side football break, the public competed in a fun fan game, the target shooting. The audience was entertained throughout the event by our speakers Maddalena Puddu and Antonio Giorgino.

The Bocconi Sport Center recorded an historic sold out, thanks to the Bocconi community and also to the numerous students of the Politecnico who supported their mates. Very important presence of institutional positions:

“First derby between Bocconi and Polytechnic, it is very pleasing to be able to make this Arena available, thanks to the many people who came, our students and those of the Politecnico. Thanks to the Politecnico for being here and good luck to the teams. It's a real pleasure and may the best win, but let's go Bocconi!” exclaims the managing director of Bocconi, Dr. Riccardo Taranto.

“Thank you for the invitation and thanks to those who organized this wonderful initiative. We are partners in this, we exchange experience and plan the future. A day full of sport and values ​​awaits us, come on Politecnico!” answers the Rector's Delegate for Sports Activities, Dr. Pierangelo Metrangolo.

For the second edition of the Bocconi vs Politecnico di Milano Challenge, the next appointment is on May 30 at the Politecnico Campus. The winning teams of the Bocconi Intramural Championship and the POLIMI Spring Games of volleyball, 3x3 basketball and 5-a-side football will face off once again.