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EUROMILANO TOURNAMENT 2023: the taste of success

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From May 4th to May 7th, our Varsity teams participated in the EuroMilano Tournament, competing against universities from across the continent. The atmosphere was electric, providing a unique opportunity for our student athletes to engage with an international community and share our values. The teams showed great determination and competed against some very tough opponents, which resulted in some thrilling matches. 

Our teams involved in the tournament were the UISP Men Basketball, Women Futsal, Men Futsal, Tennis and Cheerleading. In addition, this year, Bocconi Sport played a fundamental role in the organization of the EuroMilano Golf Tournament. Our Golf Team, in particular, had the chance to compete against five European universities, including Luiss, Stockholm School of Economics, ESCP Business School, EPFL and Ghent University, over 18 holes at the exclusive Tolcinasco Golf Resort on May 5th. The team also contested the winner against Luiss University, in a very hard-fought game, finishing in second place. 

Overall, the results were very satisfying, not only for the podium finishes achieved but also for the effort and team spirit displayed by all our teams. The UISP basketball team took home a well-deserved 1st place after an incredible tournament, the Women Futsal team lost in the semifinals, while the Men Futsal team was eliminated in the quarterfinals. 

Our Cheerleading Team conquered a prestigious 3rd place in their first international tournament ever, showing an amazing routine. 

In the individual sports, Alice Agazzi from our Female Tennis Team won the silver medal arriving 2nd, while Lorenzo Cavaliere from the Men Tennis Team came in 4th.  

The tournament culminated with parties and ceremonies where all the teams came together, sharing what we call ‘team spirit’ and a sense of belonging to a wider community of student-athletes. 

 “Participating in these tournaments is great, winning them even more! It's proof that this fantastic group is heading in the right direction: last year at EuroMilano, we were knocked out in the quarterfinals, in Barcelona last semester we finished fourth, and now we're enjoying the view from the top step of the podium. 

This experience definitely strengthens the locker room and gives us confidence to face this last part of the playoffs. We have no intention of stopping, we still have a few chips on our shoulders to get rid of.”  
Pierpaolo Puglia, Team Manager Basket Team  

"Bocconi Sport Team has achieved splendid results, from the basketball victory to the podium finishes in tennis, cheerleading, and futsal. At the award ceremony, the cohesion of all these teams was evident as they supported each other and celebrated together deservedly."  
Sofia Fragnan, Team Manger and Captain Cheerleaders Team 

"It was two beautiful days of sport, a unique experience to compare the growth of futsal in our university on a European scale. Our team was participating for the first time ever in university tournaments, so reaching the quarterfinals was a success for us. Futsal in our university has come a long way through two years of hard work and roster renewal: all the players who took part in the tournament are the result of this journey. We successfully navigated a tough group stage and won a heroic round of 16 match on penalties. It's a shame about the defeat against the Croatian team from Zadar. Our sincerest congratulations go to them for ultimately lifting the trophy." 
Giovanni Triaca, Team Manager Futsal Team