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Acqua Games are back!
Either you are a professional swimmer or not, our Acqua Games format is for every level!

The 27th of April, during the Intramural finals from 7.30pm to 9pm wear you swimsuit and swimming cup and be ready to have fun!

From March 28th to April 24th you can register for free  throught your Agenda or App Pro!

Prerequisites to register:

In order to register to the Intramural Spring Games you will need:

  • A valid non-agonistic medical certificate with ECG 
  • Bocconi Sport Membership (sign up via Sportrick)

How to register?

Just go to your yoU@B app or Agenda and click on Bocconi Sport >> Sign up to Intramural Spring Games (you must have all 2 prerequisites checked before you can sign up).

Then just click on the "AcquaGames" icon and sign up.

If you have some doubts or necessities don't hesitate, send an email to or reach us to our official Instagram page @intramural_bocconi.


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to showcase your skills under water!