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They represent an extraordinary opportunity to cultivate and promote values, culture, and fair play among students, fostering the strongest sense of community and allowing everyone to fully enjoy the facilities of our brand-new Sport Center! 

On the 4th of December there will be the great Fall final event, to elect the champions of the Fall Cup. It will be an engaging and surprising night to spent together enjoying sport and our facilities at the best. We are glad to annuonce, that there will also be the Gaming & Entertainment Society to make the event even more engaging! 

Moreover, the winners of the Fall Cup will face the winners of the PoliMi League, the Intramural championship of the University Politecnico di Milano, in an epic match! There will be two big matches: one home and one away match. 

To conclude this engaging Champioship, there will be the final event in April, to elect the winners and close the Intramural Championship season in the best way possible. 

The Bocconi Intramural Championship starts the first week of November and lasts till the end of April.  


Which sports? 

  • Basketball 3x3 

  • 5-a-side-football  

  • Volleyball (6 vs 6) 

Later in the year, there will also be the Ping Pong, table football and Tennis tournaments. 


Save the Date! 

  • September, 14 - Registrations open 

  • October, 26 - Last day to register a team 

  • November, 7 – First match day 

  • December, 4 - Bocconi Fall Cup Final Event  

  • April, 19 - Bocconi Championship Final Event 


How to subscribe? 

The registration is open until the 26th of October. 

The subscription process, to take part in the Intramural Championship is extremely easy! Just follow the steps: 

  1. Subscribe the Bocconi Sport memebership fee (CLICK HERE). We remind you, that to do it you need a valid medical certificate (CLICK HERE

  2. Subscribe at the Intramural Championship trhough the link on your You@Be Agenda 

NB: The captain of your team need to subscribe first and create the team. There will be given him a token that he will share with the other members of the team. The other members need to subscribe as free agents and insert the token provided to be added in the right team.  

We invite you to choose your captain carefully, as he will held the communications with the staff the Intramural Championship to be updated about the schedule, the rules and any futher information that may occur. 


We are waiting for you, to make this exciting event real! 

Follow us on Instagram on the @intramural_bocconi account and text as the email address for any further information or problem in the registration process.