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An incredible ride, 6 years of many joys and victories, culminating with the first historic promotion in Serie C. It seems a fairy tale, that of the women’s volleyball team. The project started on 2018, from the Second Division championship and, under the guidance of coach Amendola, the girls won 2 promotions in 3 championships, also winning the First Division Championship. In September 2023, the girls, as newly promoted and with a partially renewed team, compete in the Serie D. The Pelicans play a perfect round, winning all the matches and losing only 3 sets. The first defeat comes only on the 16th round, followed, after two rounds, by the other defeat of the season. Despite this, the girls were always able to recover, having the group cohesion as the main strenght, and coming to win the championship with one game still to play. 72 points, 24 games won on 26, only 11 sets lost, these are some of the data of this season, but what these girls have don is something extraordinary. For the first time in history, the Bocconi female volleyball team will play in Serie C. 
At the end of the last home game, the team had the opportunity to celebrate the success in front of its fans, these are some statements:
"Thanks to everyone, thanks to my great team, it was a wonderful year. Thanks to Bocconi that every year makes these emotions possible. My team is now my family here in Milan" says the captain Linda Ceroni.
"This team is a very special team, starting from 0. Thanks to all the girls and Stefano Bresciani, my big support, he was a great factor and helped me a lot" comments coach Amendola.