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Great news for the Bocconi Community: the Intramural Spring Games 2023 are here!

Intramural tournaments are a great opportunity to develop and spread values, culture and sport practice among students, promote a sense of community and to fully experience the new Sport Center for all our students!

In fact, from February 27th to April 27th, all Bocconi students will be able to compete in the third edition of our championship made up just of Bocconi students to declare the University Champions, who will be awarded in the final event held on Thursday, April 27th!

Choose your favorite sport and sign up with your friends!

You have time to register until February 20th.


Prerequisites to register

In order to register to the Intramural Spring Games you will need:

  1. A valid non-agonistic medical certificate with ECG (all the details HERE)
  2. Bocconi Sport Membership (sign up via Sportrick)
  3. Intramural fee of 5€ (not required for those who participated to the Intramural Fall Games 2022 or purchased a full membership)


How to register?

Registering to the Intramural Games has never been easier…

Just go to your yoU@B app and click on Bocconi Sport >> Sign up to Intramural Spring Games.

(you must have all 3 prerequisites checked before you can sign up)


Signing up for a Single Sport

Just click on the single sport you are interested in and sign up.


Signing up for a Team Sport

Click on the team sport you are interested in and sign up:

  1. Create a team as captain and sign up, then send the token to your teammates
  2. Join an existing team with the token you have received from your team captain
  3. You don’t have a team? Don’t worry, sign up as a free agent and we will help you find a team